Cambridge technology innovator Alchemie exports breakthrough textile dyeing solution to Taiwan

Energy efficient Endeavour system set to lead a sustainable dyeing revolution in Asia


Alchemie Technology, the UK innovator of low energy, waterless, textile dyeing technology, ships its Endeavour machine to Taiwan to improve the sustainability of the textile dyeing industry and establish a new Asia showcase.

The Endeavour digital dyeing solution, which produces no wastewater and reduces energy consumption by 85 per cent compared to traditional dyeing, will be installed at Alchemie’s Taiwan-based customer JSRTEX Group, a leading textile manufacturing innovator in the region, committed to transforming the industry with sustainable textiles and clean technology.

The Endeavour solution, developed in one of the world’s high technology clusters in Cambridge and manufactured entirely in the UK, will form the centrepiece of an Alchemie demonstration hub and showroom in Asia so international brands and textile producers from across the region can see the technology in action.

Alchemie, backed by At One Ventures and fashion giant H&M, plans to set up further demonstration hubs at customer sites around the world in the coming months to showcase how Endeavour is more cost effective to operate and better for the environment than traditional dyeing technology.

The company, which has a vision to clean up textile dyeing and eliminate the environmental impact of these polluting processes, is now inviting other brand and manufacturing partners to participate in its global showcase program.

While the fashion industry is widely believed to be the second most polluting on the planet (behind agriculture), it is also the industry that can reduce its CO2 emissions at the greatest rate by changing the way it dyes textiles. To make this happen needs brands to work with pioneering manufacturers to accelerate the change to cleaner technology.

Textile dyeing and finishing is responsible for 3 per cent of global CO2 emissions (predicted to increase to more than 10 per cent by 2050) and causes over 20 per cent of global water pollution.

Dr Simon Kew, Managing Director of Alchemie Technology said: “Alchemie plans to deliver a significant number of Endeavour low energy, waterless dyeing machines into Asia in the next two years, where most of the world’s dyeing and finishing takes place. This will also require the support of governments through investment, grants and legislation, and the critical effort of brands and pioneering manufacturers in their supply chains”

“Having an Endeavour demonstration hub in Taiwan is another important milestone on our journey towards transforming the fashion industry and helping to reduce its climate impact. We are excited to be delivering the long-awaited transition to more sustainable textile dyeing.”

Dr Alan Hudd, Chairman/Founder of Alchemie Technology, said: “Textile dyeing is currently responsible for huge amounts of greenhouse gases and water pollution. The Endeavour system will dramatically cut energy and water use for the same quality of finish.

“When we started Alchemie in 2013 it was a revolutionary idea – to try and make dyeing more sustainable. Since then, we have moved from basic concept to full production machines. Endeavour is now ready to play its part in cleaning up the global dyeing industry to everyone’s benefit.”

Steve Lin, founder of JSRTEX, said: “High sustainability is an important part of our vision at JSRTEX. The Endeavour system maintains the same quality as traditional dyeing while saving energy and water and being far less polluting. We look forward to welcoming brands and producers to our new Endeavour demonstration hub in Taiwan to see for themselves how they could benefit from switching to waterless dyeing.”

Ryan Chen, General Manager, JSRTEX said “We share the same vision as Alchemie to transform the textile industry through sustainable, energy-saving solutions. Taiwan is the epicentre of advanced textile manufacturing technologies in Asia. We are proud to be playing our part in setting new sustainability benchmarks.”

Breakthrough Digital Dyeing and Finishing Technology

The textile industry is set to change beyond recognition due to the advancement of new dyeing and finishing technology. Why is this important? Because the textile industry needs to radically transform if it is to cut rising energy costs, CO2 emissions, and be more sustainable.

This webinar takes a detailed look at:

• Breakthrough Digital Dyeing Technology which penetrates dye deep into textile fibres without water or wash steps, eliminating wastewater pollution, and reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions by up to 85%.
• High Performance Digital Finishing eliminates chemical baths and cuts chemical use by up to 50% while enabling innovations such as single sided finishing and multiple finishes to one fabric.

Join the Alchemie Technology webinar to discover how to transform textile dyeing and finishing for lower operating costs and more efficient, sustainable production with Alchemie’s digital technologies, Endeavour™ and Novara™.

Breakthrough textile finishing solution Novara™ dramatically reduces energy costs by 85 per cent

European manufacturers can save €1 million per year as gas prices soar – with new finishing process from Cambridge innovator Alchemie Technology

The new Novara™ precision digital finishing solution from Alchemie Technology can help European textile manufacturers save €1 million a year and return to profitability – as energy prices surge across the continent.

Novara™ uses high velocity jetting technology to apply nano droplets of functional finishes, only where needed, on fabrics, using 85 per cent less energy and up to 50 per cent less chemistry compared to traditional methods.

Traditional textile finishing is an energy intensive process which applies liquid finishes by immersing the whole fabric in a chemical bath, adding ~80 per cent water by mass to the fabric which then needs to be dried.

EU gas prices soared throughout 2021 – and have risen even more sharply due to the conflict in Ukraine, which has sparked fresh concerns about global energy supplies. The European gas price has risen from €16 a year ago to over €115 per megawatt hour (MWh) on March 1 – peaking at €142 per MWh.

It requires over 2 kWh per kg of material to dry fabrics which have been through a padding bath. Alchemie estimates that spiralling gas costs have therefore increased the annual energy costs for a typical EU textile finishing operation by over €1 million a year.

Novara™ precision digital finishing is a low energy, single sided application system which enables functional finishes to be applied at up to 20x the concentration of traditional processes – with a more even application and higher quality. This results in energy savings of up to 85 per cent.

For an average European textile finisher, adopting Novara™ this would lead to an annual cost saving of €1 million a year.

There is also a significant sustainability benefit to the Novara system. The energy savings correspond to ~1 kg CO2/kg in reduced carbon emissions. The EU alone produces ~ 130,000 tonnes of technical textiles fabric per year. Switching to Novara™ technology would deliver a reduction of >100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Dr. Simon Kew, Managing Director of Alchemie Technology, said: “Energy costs are crippling the EU technical textiles industry – and the situation is getting rapidly worse. European gas prices have risen dramatically over the last year with those costs accelerating again and hitting EU manufacturers particularly hard. Many textile manufacturers are now struggling to survive because their supply contracts have now increased to reflect the recent energy price rises.

“Our Novara™ precision digital finishing technology can reduce energy costs by up to 85 per cent which can help technical textile finishing companies to return to profitability.

“The reduction in energy and chemistry consumption also has environmental benefits. As more EU manufacturers switch to Novara™ we can help to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the textile sector and contribute to reaching net zero across the industry.”


About Alchemie Technology

Textile dyeing and finishing processes are some of the most polluting manufacturing processes on the planet and are responsible for over 3% of global CO2 emissions and over 20% of global water pollution.

To address this urgent issue, we have developed breakthrough digital dyeing and finishing technologies that deliver a dramatic reduction in energy consumption and eliminate contaminated wastewater emissions.

Our mission is to transform the textile industry with clean-tech digital manufacturing solutions that eliminate the environmental impact of these polluting processes.

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New HeiQ Life peppermint odour-preventing treatment applied with groundbreaking Novara single sided digital process 

Furthering their sustainable textile finishing partnership, Alchemie Technology and HeiQ (LSE:HEIQ) are enabling a step change in odor preventing textile finishing.  HeiQ Life botanical odour control, applied using Novara digital finishing technology, uses 84% less energy and 92% less water to add sustainable and durable odour control to fabrics.

Alchemie Technology, experts in low energy, digital dyeing and finishing technology, partnered with HeiQ, leader in textile innovation, in 2021 to bring sustainable, effective technology to manufacturers across the world and reduce the cost and environmental impact of textile finishing.

Now, HeiQ has launched HeiQ Life, a renewable source peppermint oil-derived textile technology to control malodour development on textiles.

HeiQ Life imparts fabrics with a long-lasting odour control capability. Thanks to the use of peppermint oil as active ingredient, the source of body odours is tackled: odour causing bacteria are inhibited from growth on the textile surface to keep garments fresh, clean, and comfortable. HeiQ Life is especially suitable for apparel such as sportswear, base layers, linings, intimates, hosiery, casual and business wear, but is also designed for home textiles. HeiQ Life can be used on all textiles and is compatible with other finishes, including fabric softeners and wicking agents. It is durable for up to 50 washes.

When using Alchemie’s Novara™ precision digital finishing solution, which uses high velocity jetting technology, to apply HeiQ Life odour control to textiles, the process will consume 84% less energy and 92% less water than the conventional padding process – ultimately improving sustainability and saving costs.  In Alchemie’s trials, Novara required 0.4 kWh energy and 0.06 litres of water per kilo, compared to 2.6 kWh energy and 0.8 litres of water using a padder system.

Alchemie’s Novara low energy, single sided digital application system enables functional finishes to be applied at up to 20x the concentration of traditional processes – with a more even application and higher quality.

Alchemie Technology is on a mission to stop 500 million tonnes of total global CO2 emissions being produced by the fashion and textile industry by 2030, by providing manufacturers with more sustainable solutions.

Dr. Simon Kew, Managing Director of Alchemie Technology, said: “Consumers are all too aware of the need to improve sustainability, but brands and manufacturers need to lead the change and invest in more sustainable textile production methods. Annually, approximately 1 million tonnes of chemicals are used for applying functional finishes to apparel and home textiles. The textile industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet, yet it is also one that can achieve the biggest and quickest amount of change.”

“Alchemie’s low energy, digital finishing technology, together with HeiQ’s plant-based odour control, delivers high performance sustainable finishing which dramatically reduces energy, water, and environmental impact, while also reducing production costs.”

“Our quest for achieving the ultimate in sustainability took a big step in the right direction thanks to our partnership with Alchemie Technology. Consumers typically wash apparel when they smell. Odor-free textiles will be laundered less frequently thereby using less resources as washing represents >30% of the environmental footprint of a garment’s lifetime. With HeiQ Life odor-preventing plant-based ingredient, consumers can wash less and wear more frequently and its application to textiles using Alchemie’s Novara energy saving finishing process takes the sustainability of treated textiles to the next level. We look forward to our fellow humans smelling fresh throughout the day with good conscience” says Carlo Centonze, co-founder and CEO of HeiQ.


About Alchemie Technology

Textile dyeing and finishing processes are some of the most polluting manufacturing processes on the planet and are responsible for over 20% of global water pollution. To address this urgent issue, Alchemie has developed breakthrough digital dyeing and finishing technologies that deliver a dramatic reduction in energy consumption and eliminate contaminated wastewater emissions.
Alchemie’s mission is to transform the textile industry with digital manufacturing solutions that eliminate the environmental impact of polluting processes and stop 500 million tonnes of CO2 emissions being produced by the fashion industry by 2030.

Ricoh Europe, London, 12 January 2021 – Ricoh is opening market access to American ink pioneer Farbenpunkt’s innovative new textile ink, PeractoJet. The collaboration enables OEM clients to compete in the highly attractive digital textile market and enhance their environmental offering. Reducing the environmental impact of global textile production caused by using dye-based, such as reactive inks in digital and analogue processes, is the driver for this collaboration.

Traditional fabric dyeing and treatment accounts for 20% of worldwide wastewater. Meanwhile, the fashion industry generates 10% of annual global carbon emissions. Ricoh now provides a robust, environmentally responsible alternative approach for digital textile printers by pairing its broad printhead portfolio with Farbenpunkt’s unique Peracto Technology.

The optimised combination is ideal for apparel and home furnishing applications. It delivers more than 90% savings in fresh and wastewater use, as well as 50% savings in energy use. This delivers significant reductions in CO2 emissions. Also, no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are emitted.
The combination allows a simplified digital textile print production process which:
  • Eliminates the need for high water and energy consuming stages of pre-treatment and post-treatment, saving up to €0.9 per sqm. These savings can equal twice the cost of the ink.
  • Uses hot air fixation at a relatively low temperature of 140°C – 160°C.
  • Delivers a quick fixation time of two to four minutes.
  • Ensures consistent and reliable results on synthetic, natural, and mixed fibres.
  • Meets or exceeds all industry specifications for strict colour fastness tests for washing, wet and dry rubbing, lightfastness, and ageing.

The ink is also compliant with REACH, the European Union regulation for the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. It also has an OEKO-TEX Eco-Passport, an independent certification for chemicals, colourants and accessories used in textile production.

Graham Kennedy, Director, Industrial Print, Ricoh Europe, says: “This collaboration builds on Ricoh’s longstanding history of innovative inkjet head development and allows us to support a production sector looking for ways to address growing questions around sustainability. Digitally producing textiles with vastly reduced water waste and eliminating energy intensive pre and post treatment stages delivers huge environmental benefits. This disruptive ink offering therefore enables more cost-effective production and allows manufacturers to consider establishing local production capabilities through reshoring. This is especially important now when we are seeing a growth in on demand digital production spurred on by the impact of the pandemic on consumer habits and business operations. Our Farbenpunkt partnership is good news for manufacturers and their shareholders, textile printers and consumers.”

Farbenpunkt Managing Director, Etienne Steveninck, adds: “Working with Ricoh allows us to bring this high performing, versatile ink to a wider audience. It will enable textile manufacturers to produce large volumes, quickly, on a range of materials, meet strict accreditation standards, and contribute to the sustainability of our planet. The two companies are a natural fit as the wellbeing of our environment is part of Ricoh’s DNA too.”

Farbenpunkt’s Peracto Technology textile ink is available from Ricoh across EMEA now.

For more information visit

Cambridge, England–(Newsfile Corp. – February 25, 2021) – Alchemie Technology (Alchemie), a global disruptor of textile dyeing and finishing technology, is pleased to announce investment from At One Ventures and H&M CO:LAB, H&M Group’s investment arm. The investment will support Alchemie’s commercial roll-out, aiming to accelerate the transformation of the sustainability profile of textile manufacturing worldwide. Textile dyeing is the second largest cause of water pollution globally and is the largest single contributor to carbon dioxide emissions from the textile industry. Today, it is responsible for over 3% of global CO2 emissions and forecast to increase to 10% by 2050. Alchemie is therefore addressing one of the largest sustainability challenges in the global textile supply chain today with its breakthrough clean-tech digital manufacturing solutions.

The investment will enable Alchemie to accelerate the commercial roll-out of its disruptive digital manufacturing products in the global market: Endeavour™ smart waterless dyeing and Novara™ precision digital finishing. Alchemie’s industrial solutions provide a unique value proposition to textile manufacturers, with a lower cost, higher throughput, and radically more sustainable alternative to traditional textile processing. With the addition of software services to digitalise the supply chain, it is also enabling the move to fully connected digital manufacturing. The solution is very timely for the industry, as fashion consumers are demanding more accountability from fashion brands to reduce their environmental impact.

Alchemie’s Endeavour™ smart waterless dyeing technology allows garment manufacturers to eliminate the production of contaminated wastewater and dramatically reduce the carbon footprint from dyeing. Demonstrated to radically reduce lead times and enable lower minimum order sizes, alongside a 50% cost saving compared to traditional technologies, the Endeavour™ solution has been well received by textile manufacturers and fashion brands worldwide.

Alchemie has also seen a surge in market demand for its Novara™ precision digital finishing technology. This technology enables significant energy and materials savings compared to traditional technologies, which radically reduces the impact of fabric finishing on the environment and reduces cost. Both Endeavour™ and Novara™ are currently available for implementation, and there is a pipeline of additional sustainable fabric finishing innovations progressing to market based on the Novara™ technology including technologies that deliver eco-friendly, fluorine-free water repellents and advanced bio-based functional finishes.

Alchemie’s market opportunity continues to grow, with the increasing pressure in the textile industry to reduce its environmental impact and governments legislating to reduce or eliminate traditional textile manufacturing. Textile manufacturing is an industry that urgently needs new technologies that reduce environmental impact, lower cost and enable end-to-end supply chain digitalisation. Alchemie is uniquely positioned to address this underserved market and transform the sustainability profile of the textile industry.

The funding round was led by At One Ventures, a San Francisco-based venture capital fund focused on disruptive technologies that combat climate change, and H&M CO:LAB, the investment arm of H&M Group.

Dr. Simon Kew, Managing Director of Alchemie Technology:

We are very pleased that At One Ventures and H&M CO:LAB have invested in Alchemie at this pivotal point in the commercial roll-out of our sustainable dyeing and finishing solutions. The textile manufacturing industry has a significant impact on the environment, and with our Endeavour and Novara technologies, we are disrupting manufacturing processes that are responsible for over 3% of global CO2 emissions and 20% of global water pollution. Our solutions both dramatically reduce the environmental impact and radically reduce cost for dyeing and finishing, which has proven to be a compelling combination in the global textile industry. We are building on the momentum we have generated in the market with successful commercial trials of our fabrics and are looking forward to rolling out the first global commercial installations this year.”

Dr. Alan Hudd, Chairman of Alchemie Technology:

“This investment reflects the significant acceleration of interest in the modernisation and digitalisation of global textile manufacturing, a combination of government, consumer, and brand pressure has delivered an unstoppable impetus for change in the textile industry. We are uniquely poised to deliver the next generation of digital clean-tech textile manufacturing solutions and the market is truly supercharged for change. The pandemic has only accelerated the velocity of digitalisation, as retail is replaced by direct-to-consumer e-commerce platforms and consumers demand visibility and sustainability in the supply chain.”

Helen Lin, Principal at At One Ventures:

With their innovative first-in-market technology, Alchemie has the potential to transform textile manufacturing, effectively leapfrogging over one of the largest water pollution problems in the world today. We believe that outsized environmental returns can only be achieved when driven by commercial scale and are delighted to be supporting Alchemie to deliver this vision in the textile industry.”

Nanna Andersen, Head of H&M CO:LAB, H&M Group:

“Alchemie Technology is pioneering a truly breakthrough and cost-effective approach to solving a longstanding sustainability issue in the supply chain for textile products. We are excited to partner with Alchemie and support innovation that addresses some of the largest carbon footprint contributors of the textile industry: dyeing and finishing. The commercial implementation of their game-changing technology not only aligns perfectly with the H&M group’s vision to become fully circular, but also has the potential to benefit the entire textile industry.”


About Alchemie Technology

We are cleaning up textile manufacturing. Alchemie Technology develops clean-tech textile manufacturing processes using advanced digital technology. Textile dyeing and finishing processes are some of the most polluting manufacturing processes on the planet and are responsible for over 3% of global CO2 emissions and over 20% of global water pollution. We are delivering breakthrough digital dyeing and finishing technologies Endeavour™ and Novara™, which deliver a dramatic reduction in energy consumption and eliminate contaminated wastewater emissions. Our mission is to transform the textile industry with clean-tech digital manufacturing solutions that significantly reduce environmental impact and enable digital transformation in textile supply chains.

About At One Ventures

At One Ventures finds, funds, and grows teams to catalyze a world where humanity is a net positive to nature. We back early-stage (Seed, Series A) companies using disruptive deep tech to upend the unit economics of established industries while dramatically reducing their planetary footprint. We also look for companies that are pioneering new industries that are actively regenerative to planetary health. Lastly, we look for companies that have significant potential to be healthy, scalable businesses because the positive impacts we invest in only last as long as the businesses that carry them.

About H&M CO:LAB

H&M CO:LAB is the investment arm of H&M Group. Its mission is to drive and promote entrepreneurship, and to contribute in a meaningful way to the long-term growth of H&M Group through investments in innovative companies. H&M CO:LAB invests across three focus areas: Sustainable Fashion, New Retail and Enablers. For more information about H&M Group, please visit


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